Indie fim to debut on Friday: SAE, college athletes mentioned frequently

Lets see what the reaction is.The film

College athletes will get to share the spotlight with frat boys in this film. 2 groups with very little to no accountability to anyone, including law enforcement and administration seem to be partners in disgrace.

Here is a quote:

“The Hunting Ground,” a CNN Films-produced documentary airing Friday, is an exposé of sexual assault on college campuses. The filmmakers found that fraternities, particularly SAE, were often mentioned.

“When we traveled around the country looking into researching the epidemic of assaults on our campuses, time and again we’d ask students, what have you heard on your campus, where is it dangerous? And they would say SAE,” filmmaker Amy Ziering told CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield.

“And then we’d also ask, are there any nicknames for any of the fraternities on your campus? And time and again they would say “sexual assault expected” is the nickname for SAE.”

“It wouldn’t surprise me that if that’s happening at one fraternity it would happen at others,” she added. “What we found in our research is whenever we uncovered something happening somewhere, it wasn’t a one-off, it wasn’t a unique situation.

“It actually was pretty much a blueprint for what is happening at fraternities across the country.”


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