Thoughts on race in America and Fraternities

I was thinking about the recent spate of fraternity activity and wondering how this occurs again and again with no real outrage  from national political leaders and no lightning fast arrests. Then I thought, would this happen if organized groups of young black men on campuses were engaging in the same activities. Essentially, flip the world over for a moment. Imagine if fraternities were mostly African American. The history of this nation’s response to perceived “threats to the virtues of white women” (i.e. Southern women) is not a pleasant one. Much scholarship has passed over the transom on this issue. If this spasm of organized violence towards women was perpetrated by young black men I shudder to think of the rhetoric. I would not be surprised if politicians called out the national guard in response in the South. Instead, we are treated to daily excuses and “boys will be boys” explanations.


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