Why I started this blog?

I started this blog because i believe there is an epidemic of violence and misogyny that has erupted on college campuses. Is this new ? No. But it is becoming more and more apparent that the time for action is now. These clubs are essentially havens for latent racism, segregation, rapes and assaults. They do need a cloak for this so they often will claim to be “training young men” or “encouraging the bonds of brotherhood”. Far from it. Some will even claim to be “true gentlemen”. In fact the SAE chapter in OU claimed this. Don’t believe it. Many of these fraternity “brothers” think that the rest of us 1) never went to college 2) were never 18 yo. Wrong on both counts. We all have stories of these crimes when we were in college. What happens when you allow young men access to alcohol and allow them to then act out their worst impulses? The only other place in society where young men congregate like this is the military and they have their own problems (including sexual violence) but they have a forced structure of officers and internal laws to attempt to enforce adherence to basic law and order. The Uniformed Code of Military Justice was put in place to deal with this. Fraternities do believe that they operate outside of US civil and criminal code. To some degree they rely on the “we’re just innocent college students defense”. Imagine a US military without UCMJ, chaos would be rampant. Well, this is what we have in the fraternity system, young men, intoxicated, and subject to the whims of other 18-21 yo who are often violent and themselves deficient in a sense of right and wrong. A prescription for disaster.

Yet, these individuals seem to have a teflon coating about them, largely because of a cowed administration, rich parents and great lawyers. Imagine for a moment that these young men were overwhelmingly people of color. The reaction by colleges and politicians would be swift and violent.

We won’t be silent any longer.

Lets document their crimes.


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