Sydney Morning Herald: American Frats and the “blizzard of sexual assault and racism allegations”

This is a piece on the Lohse story (I’ll write a full post and background)

SAE at Dartmouth:

And that is how in a moment of triumph after a year of networking he found himself covered with regurgitated booze in a private room in the basement of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon frat house. He was an initiate – a pledge – and the young men who he hoped would accept him as a “brother” were standing around him chanting, “Boot on his head! Boot on his head! Boot on his head!”.

The vomit flowed through his hair and down the side of his face and some slid down his back to gather in his underwear.

“Boot” is a Dartmouth term for vomit, and once the drunken pledge that was spewing over him had emptied his gut, Lohse would be a step closer to admittance to the inner sanctum.

Later he would be baptised in a wading pool filled with a cocktail of vomitus, semen, piss and shit. Later again he would conceive of and prosecute new torments for later pledges. He’d thrill at the thought that the rolled banknotes the brothers used as cocaine straws bore the signature of the United States Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulson, a Dartmouth SAE alumni.

But now, with the vomit warm on his head and back, he was just glad to be a little closer. If he could just hold out for a few more weeks of his pledge initiation, he’d be part of the elite.


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