Lets think about this. Imagine a situation where 30 separate fraternities are shut down, well you don’t have to imagine it. This is not a test. This is real. Now imagine that those 30 groups were made up of young predominantly African-American men and the crimes were taking place on college campuses and involved charges that varied from hazing to murder. What would our response be? What would the news media be reporting? What would FOX NEWS be broadcasting? WHat would our politicians be saying? How would our police be reacting?

Its disturbing because I think we all know the answer. There would be outrage and calls for mass expulsions. There would be calls for federal involvement to stop these events. There would be calls for FBI involvement. National Guard units (and i’m serous) would be called out, especially in the American South, a region of the US that is no stranger to federal involvement in race based crimes.

This is a national tragedy. And what is the response? Piecemeal enforcement. There is a problem at these organizations. They are mostly white. Mostly made up of middle class to wealthy white men and women they are largely immune to collective blame. In the United States, minorities seem to be subject to a different standard. In fact its much worse, fraternities are given the benefit of the doubt to the extreme. 30 times ? 1 time maybe. 2 or 3 maybe. But 30 times ? In one year? No…IN ONE MONTH!! Something is seriously wrong in America and you need not look any further than our nations college campuses. Whats worse, every Spring and Fall the groups hold open recruitments to bring more members into the fold. The “kids” love it. Are there any adults left ?


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