Diveristy, its not just a concept…you have to live it.

Of the 116 SAE members at UNL, two are black, one is Latino and one is South Korean.

The better question is why. I really hate articles where the most important question is left un-addressed. WHY is it so difficult? Because when you have 116 people and only one other person shares your experience even remotely then you have a segregated institution. I am amazed that the¬†University of Nebraska-Lincoln frat boys don’t see there club as a segregated institution. Imagine a room with one hundred people in in and only 2 black students and one Asian students. Could it be that there is something about the institution that either a. makes it difficult to join the institution b. makes it hostile for minorities to consider joining c. represents an idea of “brotherhood” that is foreign to people with different experiences. This is a good story for more complex reasons. It is interesting because the frat boys involved are examining their experience through the clouded lens of the white male American experience. They don’t see the racism inherent in this organization because they cannot. They cannot because their entire world view is framed in a world where everyone thinks like them, behaves like them, looks like them, talks like them, dresses like them, and on and on and on. Diversity is a goal that can be achieved only when individuals embrace that which is different from them and recognize the experiences of others as valuable and integral. Fraternity’s by their very nature demand adherence to their rules, their “ideals of a good brother”. If you are different, I’ve got news for you, you are not getting into a fraternity. Anything claim otherwise belies the evidence in front of us. The frat might as well have said, “Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?”


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