Why is it that closing down a frat chapter does not prompt the bigger questions?

ZBT chapter closed down after assaulting veterans.

Somehow it never fails to amaze.  These groups cross lines of law, integrity, honor and basic human decency every day. They violate the rights of their own, women, minorities and now ……veterans. Any day, day after day, the problem is dealt with like ever so many leaks appearing  in a levee holding back the ocean.  What does this tell us? It tells me that there are basic conceptual flaws in the concept of an all-male, often all white, group think organization built on the concept of “us vs. them”. The exclusivity of these organizations is nothing more than a perpetuation of segregation and misogyny. The illusion is maintained by the performance of philanthropy which through its performance is supposed to wash away the sins of the previous day. It doesn’t work that way. You don’t get to forgive the crimes of one day by performing philanthropic penance the next. Rather than pretending to care about people one day, I have a novel concept, why not treat other people with respect every day? A unique concept I know.


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