This is too good to be true: Football team robs frat, then frat bro gets arrested

The funny part is that this story is on two groups on campus. A month later, officers arrested the fraternity’s former president, 22-year-old Gear McMillan, for selling drugs out of the house.

Mr Frat: Gear McMillan:


Don’t feel bad. He will probably get a job at an investment bank soon.


A person was killed: 22 frat brothers convicted of MISDEMEANORS..thats it

22 “bad apples” were convicted in the 2012 alcohol-related death of Northern Illinois University freshman David Bogenberger.

Five former officers of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity — where the 19-year-old Palatine High School graduate was a pledge — pleaded guilty to reckless conduct, a Class A misdemeanor, as part of negotiated agreements.

James Harvey, 23, of Northfield;

Alexander Jandick, 23, of Naperville;

Steven Libert, 23, of Naperville;

Patrick Merrill, 22, of Boston, Mass.; and

Omar Salameh, 24, of Burbank, were sentenced to 24 months’ conditional discharge, a type of probation.

DeKalb County Judge Thomas Doherty also ordered each of them to pay a $1,000 fine and perform 100 hours of community service.

Remember a human being died here.

A murder goes unpunished?

BU fraternity, former members sued in 2013 student death

Amazing how easy it is for white males to get away with murder in our society. Sigma Alpha Mu (cutely referred to as SAMMY – cute name for felons) is the fraternity involved. The young man in this story was 18 yo when he died.

Ask yourself…what would your parents say if you were in any way associated with this “club”?

Zeta Psi Rape Allegations in Seattle

SEATTLE — A rape investigation triggered new restrictions at a University of Washington fraternity house, which is now temporarily banned from hosting any more parties.

Someone raped a woman inside Zeta Psi during a party last week, according to Seattle police, and now the fraternity is under strict new discipline.

UW junior Olivia Reed has attended a few frat parties – though not at Zeta Psi – and said it’s not her scene.

“Individually, you meet people that are in frats and sororities and it’s really positive,” Reed said. “But then when it gets into this larger environment, there’s a loss of accountability.”

The rape occurred May 21st. A friend took the victim from the house to call for help and medical care. The next day, the campus notified students about the assault. Many were surprised by the crime.