Would a draft help the fraternity crisis in America ?


Young recruits arriving at Parris Island, SC. pass under this same sign very day. True brotherhood means service to country.

After September 11th, 2001 this nation has been at war 24/7. We have been in Afghanistan and Iraq, maybe Iran in the future. Can we get fraternity brothers to enlist in the Army? Could they even qualify for the Marines? Yes to the first, maybe to the second.


 Maybe drill sergeants are what these frat bros need?

Instead of RUSH why not BOOTCAMP?

We need troops to fight the nation’s wars and we have a pool of young men 18-25 who are prime age to man the barricades. They are looking to become “true gentlemen”, why not become the “few, the proud”, the Marines.  We could excuse these young men for 12-16 weeks depending on the branch of the service. Send them to bootcamp during the summers or winter break. Discipline and order is something the “frat bros” lack and what better way to teach discipline than have a Marine Corps drill sergeant help you along. The frat bros want to be part of a brotherhood. Well, the military is a brotherhood like no other. I would favor helping them with their tuition and medical insurance and perhaps even money for grad school. In exchange they get to joint a brotherhood that has held firm through 2 World Wars. They could join a brotherhood that defeated Nazi Germany, not one that stands for drinking and assault. The lineage of TKE, SAE, and all the rest is nothing compared to the honor of those men who served at Normandy and Salerno. The next time a fraternity brother talks of tradition, let them know that true tradition means more than keg parties on weekends.


Replace hazing with supervised drill?

Could the draft help to deal with the fraternity crisis?

Perhaps. Maybe we can save some of these young men from the fraternity system. I am very enthusiastic about drafting these young men. They need order and they need to belong and we can use that drive to serve the nation. In fact, even a National Guard Home Corps that is devoted to regular service would be great. That way the “frat bros” wouldn’t have to “pretend” to perform community service. Instead of a “car wash for charity” lets put these young men to work rebuilding after hurricanes and other disasters or better yet, put their enthusiasm to good work on America’s future battlefields.


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