SAE frat bros weeps (well almost) while apologizing

Wow, that really seemed sincere.

Frat bros. Racists and Great Actors.


NYTimes reports SAE taught racist chant at national conference

Well, it came out, we suspected it, you suspected it (remember these are frat bros at OU, frat bros don’t have the capacity for independent, non-racist thoughts) and now we all know its as we suspected.

This story makes me sick. ¬†And the SAE bro made that “tearful apology” a few days ago.

Now do you see the problem with fraternities?

Time magazine has a suggestion to fix fraternities

No Alcohol

More Adult Supervision


My answer:

No alcohol: This is THE ONLY REASON fraternities exist. Behind the cloak of community service is 100 proof liquor.

Adult Supervision: No chance. No adult in their right mind would expose themselves to repeated felony accomplice charges

Integrate: Fraternities can’t function without exclusivity.

Good suggestions, but they can’t work

My solution: don’t take halfway steps. Shut down fraternities.