A person was killed: 22 frat brothers convicted of MISDEMEANORS..thats it

22 “bad apples” were convicted in the 2012 alcohol-related death of Northern Illinois University freshman David Bogenberger.

Five former officers of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity — where the 19-year-old Palatine High School graduate was a pledge — pleaded guilty to reckless conduct, a Class A misdemeanor, as part of negotiated agreements.

James Harvey, 23, of Northfield;

Alexander Jandick, 23, of Naperville;

Steven Libert, 23, of Naperville;

Patrick Merrill, 22, of Boston, Mass.; and

Omar Salameh, 24, of Burbank, were sentenced to 24 months’ conditional discharge, a type of probation.

DeKalb County Judge Thomas Doherty also ordered each of them to pay a $1,000 fine and perform 100 hours of community service.

Remember a human being died here.


A murder goes unpunished?

BU fraternity, former members sued in 2013 student death

Amazing how easy it is for white males to get away with murder in our society. Sigma Alpha Mu (cutely referred to as SAMMY – cute name for felons) is the fraternity involved. The young man in this story was 18 yo when he died.

Ask yourself…what would your parents say if you were in any way associated with this “club”?

Another day: Another needless death

This is from Gawker (I really love Gawker because they dig and dig and dig). We the latest story is a tremendously sad one. A Sigma Phi Epsilon pledge apparently went headfirst (this is not levity or me making light of this tragedy, this is the actual word in the lawsuit) into a lake over a bridge near Clemson University. The “frat bros”, the national “bros” and the university are now all the targets of a 25 million dollar lawsuit . 

The lawsuit is the only real tool of justice against a fraternity. Money talks and when a frat bro gets hurt n the national wallet then that brings a smile to my face. Change in this insane universe of frat crimes unfortunately is only facilitated with the threat of litigation.

Pray for this kids family.

What a shameful waste of a life.

USA TODAY covers this story as well

Nu Alpha Phi: Syracuse University

How can human beings do this to each other on college campuses?


Ask any ER doc how many of these he has seen and the look on the “brothers” faces when they realize what they have done.

This is a story out of Gitmo.

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