Another day: Another needless death

This is from Gawker (I really love Gawker because they dig and dig and dig). We the latest story is a tremendously sad one. A Sigma Phi Epsilon pledge apparently went headfirst (this is not levity or me making light of this tragedy, this is the actual word in the lawsuit) into a lake over a bridge near Clemson University. The “frat bros”, the national “bros” and the university are now all the targets of a 25 million dollar lawsuit¬†.¬†

The lawsuit is the only real tool of justice against a fraternity. Money talks and when a frat bro gets hurt n the national wallet then that brings a smile to my face. Change in this insane universe of frat crimes unfortunately is only facilitated with the threat of litigation.

Pray for this kids family.

What a shameful waste of a life.

USA TODAY covers this story as well