Zeta Psi Rape Allegations in Seattle

SEATTLE — A rape investigation triggered new restrictions at a University of Washington fraternity house, which is now temporarily banned from hosting any more parties.

Someone raped a woman inside Zeta Psi during a party last week, according to Seattle police, and now the fraternity is under strict new discipline.

UW junior Olivia Reed has attended a few frat parties – though not at Zeta Psi – and said it’s not her scene.

“Individually, you meet people that are in frats and sororities and it’s really positive,” Reed said. “But then when it gets into this larger environment, there’s a loss of accountability.”

The rape occurred May 21st. A friend took the victim from the house to call for help and medical care. The next day, the campus notified students about the assault. Many were surprised by the crime.



These are the “fine gentleman” who will be in boardrooms and C-suites tomorrow

Here is a sample of why a Washburn University fraternity has been suspended by its national leadership.

“Women are equal and deserve respect … just kidding they should (expletive).”

What is happening in America and why do we pretend its “boys will be boys”? Boys who hate women grow up into men who hate women.  If that does not frighten you, it should.

PSU: It may be that more than one frat has pulled this assault off

A sorority woman says this issue is more widespread than just at Kappa Delta Rho. She knows this because a few years ago, a different Penn State fraternity shared an explicit photo of her she didn’t even know was taken.

Are you surprised.

I was hoping for no felonies today but frat bros always deliver.

Disgusting. Nauseating and they continue saying “its only a few bad apples”

News alert from PSU: “Frat brothers show disturbing lack of humanity”


Newsflash. Of course they don’t have any humanity, they have been assaulting women for decades with no and I mean NO PUNISHMENT. Now PSU officials have to put on a good show and act surprised. The article also says the frat has at least one bright brother who is defending his bros. in crime (I guess taking pictures of passed out women does not bother these people). Nauseating is an understatement. Again, I wonder if they would want they same for their sisters and, god forbid, their own children someday (these bros may actually have children and be in charge of teaching them values which should really frighten you).

I guess Sandusky was not enough for Happy Valley.

Penn State latest college to pay lip service to reevaluating fraternity

Another BS statement from a college that they will reevaluate fraternities. I will believe it when I see it. There is a high likelihood that the administration muckety mucks are former frat bros themselves.

What a joke. PSU students are protesting but it will likely not come to anything, it never does with these “brotherhoods” of terror.

Pi Kappa Phi

I still can’t believe this one.

— Pi Kappa Phi has placed its North Carolina State University chapter on interim suspension pending the outcome of an investigation into the contents of a book that was found at a restaurant near campus, the fraternity announced Friday morning.

The little, green book, filled with handwritten comments, included racially and sexually charged language and derogatory comments about women and children.

Calls to NC State’s Tau Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Thursday night went unreturned. No one answered at the fraternity’s national headquarters in Charlotte, either, but the fraternity posted on its website overnight about the interim suspension.
Read more at http://www.wral.com/nc-state-fraternity-placed-on-interim-suspension-after-embarrassing-scary-book-found/14526403/#Iu3dvXV7DtuJDiTw.99