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ZBT’s members urinated on an American flag.

To me, that is a crime of omission even if the law does not condemn its commission. It is an omission of the basic respect that the flag deserves and a blindness to the sacrifices that thousands have died for.


ZBT: ZETA BETA TAU makes headlines again: this time for mocking muslims.

Time reports that a fraternity there has expelled 4 members for mocking muslims. The fraternity is ZBT, the three letters mean nothing to me other than to forensically trace the lineage of these crimes.

The student paper obtained the clip, which shows a man wrapped in a blanket with his face and head covered. He can be heard saying “Allahu akbar,” Arabic for “God is great” as others laugh.

Remember however that the same fraternity decided that these same faux men were “worthy of the brotherhood”. What does that mean you ask? Nothing. Its mumbo jumbo to disguise the quicksand on which this whole fraternity concept is built.

FLORIDA ZBT members urinate on flags and assault veterans

A few bad apples ? Looks like we have a few hundred bad orchards.

This is about as disgusting as it gets. A group of faux brothers whose bonds are based on drinking apparently have decided to demean and degrade another group of brothers whose bonds of brotherhood are based on sacrificing their lives for our country.

The Warriors stayed at Laketown Wharf on Panama City Beach. The same location as the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity. The Greek brotherhood was there for a spring formal. According to Warrior Beach Retreat Founder, Linda Cope, the students were antagonizing warriors, throwing marshmallows on the vehicles, breaking American, flags off the vehicles and even urinating on the American flags.