Zeta Psi Rape Allegations in Seattle

SEATTLE — A rape investigation triggered new restrictions at a University of Washington fraternity house, which is now temporarily banned from hosting any more parties.

Someone raped a woman inside Zeta Psi during a party last week, according to Seattle police, and now the fraternity is under strict new discipline.

UW junior Olivia Reed has attended a few frat parties – though not at Zeta Psi – and said it’s not her scene.

“Individually, you meet people that are in frats and sororities and it’s really positive,” Reed said. “But then when it gets into this larger environment, there’s a loss of accountability.”

The rape occurred May 21st. A friend took the victim from the house to call for help and medical care. The next day, the campus notified students about the assault. Many were surprised by the crime.



Your turn: Boston University and Kappa Sigma

Boston University announced Thursday it had suspended a fraternity for its alleged involvement in promoting a party using misogynistic and sexually suggestive photos and videos.

The Kappa Sigma fraternity also allegedly used the university’s name in marketing the event without authorization.

Apparently this bunch of community minded brothers planned a “blackout party” where they could assault women.