Its not just state schools: STANFORD has a fraternity problem too!

The investigation found that members of the fraternity engaged in intimidation or retaliation on two occasions in recent months, in violation of university policy. The first involved an incident in which SAE members deterred a female student from reporting a potential Title IX concern involving SAE. The second involved intimidating and retaliatory conduct, including acts of cyberbullying, directed at another student based on a false belief that the student had reported Title IX concerns about SAE.

The investigation also found that members of the fraternity held social events at the house with non-members and had alcohol in common areas of the house on several occasions in recent months. These actions violated clear terms the university imposed in February as a result of a previous investigation into an SAE event that was found to have created a hostile environment for female students, in violation of Title IX and university policy.

This is a school that maybe 2% of applicants get into, it is a fantastic school with a tremendous track record of scholarship and innovation. It deserves better than SAE. . It makes you wonder what the admissions committee was thinking. They have let in people who have engaged in intimidation and retaliation of a female student. My suspicion is that the frat bros involved were probably “student athletes” that got in based on being either lacrosse/baseball/football stars in high school.

I doubt that these individuals care about the suspension and whats worse is that Stanford is unlikely to investigate what the themselves were thinking when they let these individuals into their school.